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Measuring What Matters

The image to the right are the type of analytics Facebook gives me for my business page for the month. Looks a bit grim aye. To be honest I knew this month was slow but seeing it is different.

I felt a bit bummed. At the time we were driving into town which takes about 45mins so I had some time to reflect on it. I then realized we actually had an awesome month, it just wasn't measured in these figures.

My partner works 8 days in a row then has 6 off, one of the best rosters in his line of work in mining. The previous month I had spent much of his 6 days off working. This month I said I would pull back so we could have more Q time.

As a whānau we did heaps more, trips to the park, time with others, exercising together. My darling and I even went to 2 movies! Shock horror😂(by the way the new Marvel movie Civil War is awesome!!) By the time we reached our destination I felt a lot better. In terms of the "business" it was a slow month but in terms of quality time with my whanau I had hit those goals.

I've been on Facebook long enough to let it not dictate my emotions but I guess I'm only human and Facebook in reality is a machine. Here's to measuring what matters the most!, whatever that may be for you💚

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