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Success is Relative

I don't normally post pics of the kids but I wanted to share this one.

This is how the "business" and real life converge. We've been in "business" for two years now and things are a bit trickier to juggle as my boy is not that pēpi that was content to play in a jumper while I worked. Now he wants to work with me.

Working with me means sitting in my lap while I design. Drawing on prints that I haven't put away or hole punching things that shouldn't have holes in them. Things that on a busy day drive me nuts but today wasn't a busy day. Today we laughed while his aunty took photos and giggled with our baby girl.

With two pēpi things don't happen as quick as they used to. I have a million ideas I'd love to explore but they remain in sketch books. I have things on my to do list that a year old and wonder if they'll ever be executed.

My work ethic tells me I need to do more and I'm not to good at this business thing but my instinct tells me it can wait.

Everything will happen when it's meant to and if it doesn't it's o.k. Does that make crap at business or jeopardize my success? I don't know. Does that mean I will fail. I guess it depends on my interpretation of failure. What I do know for sure is that having my babies watch me at least try is probably one of the biggest benefits to our whānau of all.

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