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What's In A Name?

Kia ora and welcome to our rebrand!

I was never entirely happy with my surname as the name of what I do as I didn't think it depicted my aims that well. My aims to get more reo into our homes and reflect it to our children so it helps form their identity. To help all kiwis, Māori and otherwise living abroad connect with home using beautifully designed pieces.

My name was about me not the mahi but better to make a start than no start at all, eventually a new name would come.

Two years later a lot has happened and I have found a name that better describes my endeavours and the business.

Te Koha Design. Te Koha meaning The Gift.

The "O" in Koha hold two simplified koru. They represent the language being gifted from one person to another. They're held inside a speech bubble which reflects the concept that to retain reo it needs to be spoken. I hope that is what will come of my work. That by seeing a bit of it in your homes it may prompt someone to korero Māori. At the least, our babies will see our language and think hey that's me up there. I'm Māori and that's my language.

So soon the name and logo will change here on my page and my Instagram account. Its still me doing the same mahi and I hope you'll keep checking us out.

Thanks for reading, Joy

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